5 Twitter Accounts You Should Def Follow

I'm always completely shocked when people say they're not into Twitter. It's a great place to access wonderful memes, breaking news and moody subtweets. If you don't like Twitter, it's probably because you're following a ton of stupid, boring accounts. Here are five you should totally hit up. Kale Salad - @kalesalad Besides getting hardly … Continue reading 5 Twitter Accounts You Should Def Follow


What even is LEGiTERALLY?

We get it. It's kind of a mouthful. Let us explain. You know in Mean Girls, when Cady Heron meant to say "cool" but then she started to say "great" so it came out as "grool" because she was so distracted by the beauty of Aaron Samuels? Well, it's basically just like that. Except, instead of Aaron … Continue reading What even is LEGiTERALLY?