What even is LEGiTERALLY?

We get it. It’s kind of a mouthful. Let us explain.

You know in Mean Girls, when Cady Heron meant to say “cool” but then she started to say “great” so it came out as “grool” because she was so distracted by the beauty of Aaron Samuels?


Well, it’s basically just like that. Except, instead of Aaron Samuels, you’re distracted by something so amazing that your brain can’t decide whether it’s literally or legitimately the coolest thing you’ve ever seen. It’s legiterally.

Copy of LEGiTERALLY (1)

Usually, legiterally is accompanied by one of our favorite catchphrases, “WAIT, OMG.” Here’s our quick def.

wait omg

When you’re scrolling through a newsfeed or rooting through a rack at your fav store and stumble upon something legiterally amazing, you turn to your BFF and you’re like, “WAIT, OMG.”

That’s kind of the point of Legiterally.com. It’s just a bunch of stuff that’s legiterally effing awesome. When we found it, we were like “WAIT, OMG,” and knew we had to show you.




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