5 Twitter Accounts You Should Def Follow


I’m always completely shocked when people say they’re not into Twitter. It’s a great place to access wonderful memes, breaking news and moody subtweets. If you don’t like Twitter, it’s probably because you’re following a ton of stupid, boring accounts. Here are five you should totally hit up.

Kale Salad – @kalesalad
Besides getting hardly any favorites on a really bomb-ass tweet, there’s no bigger buzzkill than seeing a bunch of basic accounts like Common White Girl, Dory and Princess Problems all post the same stolen thing at the same time. Like, hello? Does originality even exist anymore? UGH!

Kale Salad has totally solved that problem. It’s an account that tweets the original tweet that went viral, so the original creator gets credit. Way cool.

T.Kyle – @tkylemac
T.Kyle works for Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live! and is the creator of Reality TV GIFs, so obv he creates fab content. If you’re into Real Housewives memes, hilarious videos and shade in general, you should probably throw him a follow.

Like, this Real Housewives/Green Light mashup is pure art.

Fred MyLeg – @foxygrandpa62
Fred MyLeg is a Spongebob account and it is effing brilliant. If you have your life sort of together and don’t have enough time to watch Spongebob for hours on end, this should help you get your daily fix of the wonderful man who lives in a pineapple under the sea.

It literally makes me laugh a slow, dumb Patrick Starr laugh at least once a day.

MTV News – @MTVNews
MTV may not play music videos anymore, but this account almost entirely makes up for it. I have no idea if MTV knows that this account is in existence, because although it is verified, it seems as though it has kind of gone rogue. It basically just tweets regular music news, but in a hilarious way.

Whoever runs this account is totally obsessed with “’Closer’ by the Chainsmokers ft Halsey” and tweets about it all of the time. It’s Twitter gold.

Spencer Pratt – @spencerpratt
I never thought I’d see the day where I’d become a Spencer Pratt fan, but if Brody Jenner couldn’t have the foresight to know not to get an Avril Lavigne tattoo, I guess I can forgive myself.

Spencer actually breaks some pop culture news before major publications do, so he’s definitely worth the follow. He says exactly what everyone else is thinking and loves to interact with his fans. What more could you want from a reality TV star?!

Tweet, tweet losers. XOXO, H.


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